A Guide to Carpentry as a Hobby

The main objective of a hobby or pastime is to generate pleasure and enjoyment within the practitioner, and with carpentry, you have the added bonus of accumulating quality furniture, and as you develop your skills, other home improvements are the result of your efforts. With rising prices of both materials and labour, the DIY route has a lot going for it, especially from the homeowner’s perspective, and carpentry has an air of satisfaction about it, with timber that is easily shaped and crafted. If you would like to become very handy around the home and build quality furniture items, this article was written for you.

The Right Tools

Essential for anything, especially working with wood, a comprehensive carpentry tool kit would include the following:

  • Hand Saws (Tenon and Rip)
  • Hammers and Screwdrivers
  • Plane
  • Set of Quality Chisels
  • Various Hand Tools

This can be easily sourced online, and one mustn’t forget power tools, which take the hard work out of everything, and can cover things like screw driving, panelling, sawing and drilling.

The Right Timber Supplier

There are timber suppliers and timber suppliers, and ideally, you want one that will cut and plane to the customer’s specifications, and if you happen to be based in Essex, there are affordable timber merchants in Basildon who will prepare a range of quality timber to your exact measurements. A novice carpenter can really benefit from bespoke timber ordering, and there are online suppliers of quality architrave and skirting, along with a range of timber panelling that is cut to size.

The Right Tuition

Woodworking, like anything else, requires some instruction, and with YouTube tutorials, there is no end to what you can build, with easy-to-follow videos that break the process down, and as you develop, you can take on more ambitious projects. Practice makes perfect has never been more correct than when it is applied to woodworking, and with lots of practice, you will very soon be making furniture items to order, as your friends discover your hidden talent.

The Benefits

Aside from acquiring lifelong skills, after a few years, your home will be filled with the results of your hard work, and at a very low cost, which is very appealing. It could even lead to a career change, as some people so enjoy their hobby that it turns into their profession, and there’s nothing wrong with making a living from something you enjoy!

Online Solutions

You obviously don’t have time to spend hours driving around looking for suppliers of materials and tools, and the great thing about online shopping is the door to door delivery. Add to that the fact that you have no need to go anywhere, and all your purchases can be made online, from the smallest screw to yards of sand.

Of course, carpentry isn’t for everyone, and if you don’t have an inherent interest in working with your hands, this probably isn’t for you, but if you feel that this is worth exploring, the resources can be found online.

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