A Guide to Removing a Troublesome Tree Stump

Large trees can be dangerous, and in the event the tree has to be removed, you are likely to be left with the stump. On the odd occasion, this might make for a nice seat, but more often than not, the stump is an eyesore and rather than spending a weekend (or two) trying to dig it up, you can call in a tree stump grinder, a revolutionary machine that turns tree stumps into sawdust in no time at all.

Reclaim that Quiet Spot

For decades, we have accepted that an ugly tree stump is part and parcel of garden management, and we simply put up with it, yet that doesn’t have to be the case, if you call in a local arborist who has a stump grinder. Tree roots can spread a long way underground, and a stubborn stump will put an end to any plans you might have had about using this area for something else, but the grinder can be set to go down to a depth of 300mm, which is enough to completely remove the stump. Once the grinding has been completed, the sawdust is removed and the hole is filled with sand, and after a while, the area can be returfed, or you can make plans to put another garden feature there. There is affordable tree stump grinding in Perth and surrounding areas and in a couple of hourse, the stump will be no more!

The Hard Way

There is another way to remove a large tree stump, which would require a team of strapping young men, some axes, and a lot of muscle power. When you consider how strong trees are, this is because of the extensive root system that spreads underground, and it is only by carefully cutting though the network of underground roots that you can manage to free the main stump. A complete weekend might see the stump removed, or it might not, depending on the skill and determination of the workforce, and if you really do want the stump removed, there’s a far easier way, which is hiring a stump grinder, which will make short work of any stump.

Potential Hazards

One cannot simply position the grinder over the stump and start work, as there might be utility cables or drainage nearby, so you first have to check that there is nothing under the ground that might be damaged. The tree surgeon who operates the stump grinder would know what to look for, and he wouldn’t carry out the work if he thought there was even a slight chance of damaging anything.

Online Solutions

You may have an old tree stump in the garden and you have resolved yourself to it being there, but with the right arborist, the stump can safely be removed, freeing up that valuable space at last! If you would like an expert opinion on a troublesome tree stump, an online search will reveal the whereabouts of your nearest arborist, and with his help, the stump will soon be a distant memory.


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