A Homeowner’s Guide to Front Door Replacement

The front door of a dwelling is far more than just an access point, it is also a focal point of the front elevation, and with the right design, you can really brighten up the look of the property. This would also be a perfect time to add a little to your living space by building a porch, which brings with it many benefits, if you haven’t already got one, that is. Regarding materials, timber is favoured due to its durability and natural beauty, and with made to measure solutions, you can be sure of a perfect fit.

The Ideal Material

When compared to timber, aluminium or UPVC cannot offer the same degree of character, and while composite materials will give you the strength and durability, they cannot compare to timber for looks. Hardwood or European oak provide stylish grains, while modern paint products offer a range of colours and finishes, and with a choice of fittings in either brass or stainless steel, the door unit will be a central exterior feature. If space permits, you could have two side panels to really highlight the door, and with a combination of glass and wooden panels, creating something truly unique is a breeze.

Sourcing a Supplier

Of course, one could take a trip down to the local builder’s merchant, who would have a range of standard sized front doors, but then you will have to fit the unit yourself, and unless you happen to be a carpenter, the DIY route isn’t recommended. There are joiners who specialise in customised doors and windows, and if a person was looking for affordable timber front doors in Walsall, for example, there happens to be an established local company that is dedicated to providing bespoke timber solutions for windows and doors, and they would help you to browse through the many designs available.

Seize the Opportunity

If you don’t have a porch at home, this is the perfect time to add a few square metres to the living space, and by discussing your options with the experts, at least you can make an informed decision. Of course, it all depends on space, and if a porch is out of the question, you could still add a small panel to each side, creating a balanced unit. Tailored solutions enable even the strangest of shapes to be accommodated, and with the help of the supplier, you can easily increase your living area by adding a porch.


Regardless of what material you use, the front door must be secure, and double locking is advised. Any glazed unit would be double glazed, and with toughened safety glass, your home is well protected. The joiner would be able to incorporate several locking mechanisms if you wish, but either way, security would be of a high level.

If you find the right joiner, he can turn any design into reality, and with so many design choices, you and your family can take as long as you want to select the right combination, which will be hand crafted and installed by experts.


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