Bring your Garden and Living Room together with Patio Doors

If you live in a typical two up two down home, it is likely the dining room is at the rear of the house and looks onto the garden. You may or may not have a terraced area, and by removing the dining room window and having sliding patio doors fitted, you can literally join your home and your garden into one area. The amount of actual building work is negligible, although if you are planning to go for a wide unit, a new lintel would have to be inserted to take the weight of the brickwork, but even this is not a major issue. The important thing to remember is the width of the existing window does not have to be the width of the patio doors, and many homeowners opt for a wall to wall unit with four or more panels, and with the central two opening, you have a nice entrance to the terraced area.

Bespoke Designs

Whether you prefer sliding or perhaps b-folding doors, the range of designs allow for the perfect opening style, and with double glazed units made from toughened safety glass, you will have a great view of the garden in the winter without being exposed to the cold. Whether you are looking for sliding doors in London or bi-folding doors in Birmingham, an online search will locate a local company who can quote for the project.

Extra Security

In former times, when double glazing was relatively new, patio doors offered the burglar easy access, but not anymore, with triple locking units that cannot be jacked up, no matter how hard you try, and with toughened safety glass, unauthorised access is next to impossible. The locking mechanism ensures that the doors cannot be opened without the key, so you can rest assured that no one will gain entry through the patio doors.

Blinds or Curtains?

Most people prefer to versatility if blinds, which gives you a much higher level of control over privacy and shading, but whatever you decide, there are online companies that fabricate screening to the customer’s specifications. An online search will soon have you in touch with a supplier and once ordered, will soon be on the way to your home address, and by choosing the right colours, the screening will complement the new look perfectly.

Character Homes

If your house is an older property, any changes should be blended to match the existing décor, and whether you prefer a Georgian or Tudor style, everything is possible with aluminium and uPVC. If you would like to see a range of units in a show environment, there are window and door suppliers who are established enough to operate a showroom or two, and there’s no better way to experience a patio door than seeing it a real life setting.

For more information on the wide range of patio doors available today, a Google search will bring up a list of local suppliers, and after a home visit, you will be able to select something that really complements the property.

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