Considering a Re-Flooring Project? Don’t Forget About Contemporary Carpeting

Contrary to popular belief, modernised carpets are an incredibly versatile flooring solution and they are becoming increasingly popular once again, but it’s important to understand exactly why.

This brief exposé will help fill in the blanks.

Adaptable Aesthetic Appeal

Although the word “carpet” tends to bring about images of old, unsightly shag fabrics, it’s worth mentioning that today’s carpeting provisions can be striking and attractive in both contemporary and traditional settings:

  • Countless patterns that can apply to a myriad of décor arrangements.
  • Various pile heights and thread styles.
  • A seemingly infinite number of colour combinations and unique designs.
  • Customisable options that can significantly enhance any type of living room, boudoir, hallway, and even staircases.

To put it simply, if you partner with a reputable flooring company that specialises in procuring and installing carpets in Telford, you’ll be able select the most suitable assortment of carpeting solutions to fit every room of your home.


Your flooring solution accounts for approximately 10-15% of your home’s thermal envelope, which means that a significant amount of heat is lost right under your feet. However, an updated carpet can improve your floor’s R-Value (insulation level) by a considerable amount:

  • The R-Value of modern carpeting is about 500% higher than engineered hardwood;
  • 800% higher than laminate solutions;
  • And approximately 1700% higher than ceramic tiles.

As such, a new carpet can help you save a few hundred pounds per year on utility expenditures, especially if you decide to install it in the largest rooms on your property’s first floor.

If you’re ready to start sensibly reinvesting money back into your home, be sure to reach out to a reputable local flooring firm as soon as possible to ascertain your options.

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