Converting A Conservatory Into A Bedroom

A conservatory is a lovely addition to any home. It adds light and warmth to homes even on cold days. It’s a great place to sit and read, work on some other hobby, or just relax. However, you sometimes have to let those things go as your family grows. If you’re looking for a way to expand your home to match your growing family, you could choose to convert your conservatory into a bedroom. Typically, that will be easier than converting a basement or an attic into a bedroom.

The Conversion

You need to hire expert builders in Cornwall. They’ll assess the quality of your conservatory first.

  • A conservatory attached to your house will typically be fairly well-sealed. It needs to be built with fast connections that do not allow for any draughts.
  • If it is not insulated, it will probably need to be. Double-glazed windows can be substituted for insulation in some cases, but you’ll need to insulate as much as you can.
  • You’ll need curtains or blinds for the many windows of the conservatory.
  • You likely need to change the flooring to be more conducive to bedroom furniture.
  • You’ll need to run more utilities. Conservatories are often not wired as extensively as a bedroom would be. You’ll most likely need to add more electrical wiring.

The Windows

The windows of a conservatory are the defining feature. They’re also going to be the biggest impediment. You need to talk with the builders about what can be done. A simple solution would be curtains, but there are also options for more permanent changes such as bricking over them.

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