Do You Need to Get Rid of Waste?

Waste management is important if you want to make sure that a site is clean and therefore safe. If waste is not removed on a timely basis, you can set yourself up unwittingly for a lawsuit. That is why you need to make sure that any waste removal has been scheduled for clearing a site.

Full-Service Waste Management

A full-service waste management business will offer both skip hire and grab hire services. If you choose grab hire services, you can move your waste directly onto one of a company’s eight-wheeler lorries. Skip hires are normally used for the following projects:

  • To remove waste from a builder’s yard
  • To remove waste from a food establishment
  • To remove from a home remodel
  • To remove waste from a production facility

How Long Do You Need Your Skip?

You just need to make sure that you choose an affordable waste management company in Lewisham to fulfil your waste disposal requirements. Select a company, again, that offers full waste management assistance so you can have your waste removed without difficulty. Most skips can be hired for a week or longer. You can pay by cheque, cash, or credit or debit card over the phone.

For off-road skips, you need to provide 24 hours’ notice. Otherwise, an on-the-road skip will require seven days’ notice. This is done that so the required licence may be obtained. Licences must be obtained any time the skip is parked on a public motorway. Also, make sure that the lorry has a minimum of a 2.5-metre clearance as far as access width.



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