Do You Need to Know More about Heat Recovery

While energy efficiency is often improved by adding insulation or double glazing, you can also make a warm environment more inviting by a process is known as heat recovery. A heat recovery system recycles the energy in the stale or used-up air and directs it to the new, fresh air entering into a home or business. The UK government has a programme in place to utilise heat recovery.

Therefore, the main draw for using a heat recovery ventilation system or HRVS is the constant supply of fresh, warm air. Because the system permits you to use ventilation in a self-contained environment, the air that circulates is healthier and cleaner.

Some of the Key Advantages

When a heat recovery system or device is used, you also experience the following advantages in the home:

  • The humidity and condensation in a building are reduced – both of which can lead to health problems and affect the structure of a home or business over time.
  • The system improves the air quality, which means the indoor environment does not contain contaminants or irritants, such as pollution or pollen.
  • Low levels of carbon dioxide are produced.

Commercial Benefits

If you own a business operation, you will realise the following benefits:

  • The ventilation system provides a more constant and cleaner environment for employees, thereby increasing production and reducing sickness.
  • Both the ventilation system and boiler are used more efficiently.
  • Your business will gain recognition for adhering to “green” standards.

Where to Obtain Further Details

If you are considering adding a heat recovery system to your building, you can make a more informative decision by visiting a company website, such as Also known as Ducting Online, this retailer features heat recovery devices, duct products, and various kinds of fans.

Ventilation Products

Ventilation products may include dust and fume extractors, ventilation accessories, and ducting kits. Therefore, you can find many items that will improve your air flow and quality.

Better Air Flow and Fresher Smelling Air

Ventilation or the circulation of air is an essential consideration in homes and businesses today. That is why it is good to check online and review the various items featured for increasing airflow and removing unpleasant particles and odours.

Making a Decision for Heat Recovery

To decide on heat recovery products, you need to determine how much heat you are losing and if your heating system needs an upgrade. Also, it is essential to consider the insulation of your roof and if your double glazing is sufficient.

Reviewing Energy Efficiency

Next, you need to think about overall efficiency. This can be difficult as you need to consider several criteria. For example, you need to think about the size and number of rooms and the design of your current heating system. A heat recovery system can help you reduce your energy use – something that can be a boon for you, whether you need to add the system to your home or workplace.

Taking an Audit before You Decide

What are your ventilation needs? Take the time to complete an audit of your home or business to see where you can make improvements. Doing so will enhance the quality of your life as well as contribute to your health and wellness overall.

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