Enhance The Beauty Of A Property With Natural Stone

If you are renovating or upgrading a stone exterior, you can add true and lasting value to the structure with the addition of natural stone. When you use locally sourced stone, you will find that you add to a building’s charm and character.

Types of Stone

If you have reviewed stonemasonry in Ayrshire, you will find that several beautiful stones are used. These natural products include the following:

  • Locharbriggs – This beautiful red stone ranges in colour from pink to red, and features black veining.
  • Lazonby – This is a sandstone of medium grade which features a salmon hue. Quartz grains cause this stone to sparkle and gleam.
  • Stanton moor – This stone material is known for its consistent quality and its fine or medium-grained grit. Coloured buff, this neutral-coloured sandstone is a preferred stone material.
  • Red St Bees – This stone originates from the cliffs of the village of St Bees, Whitehaven. The stone is coloured dark red.
  • Halldale – This stone may vary from a fine to coarse-grained finish. It is featured in a buff or pink colour accented with brown speckling.

An Exciting Upgrade

As you can see, you can have stonework added to or incorporated in your property that is as long-lasting as it is beautiful. When you set up an appointment for a consultation with a stonemasonry company, you will be able to learn more about which type of stone material is the most cost-effective and practical for your situation.

Indeed, a stone upgrade is an exciting improvement. Therefore, you can make restorations to chimneys, columns, entrances, porticos, and walls, or choose to include ornamental additions such as mouldings, finials, or door frames. Look at the offerings today and request a free quote to get started.

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