Everything You Need to Know About Double-Glazed Windows

Energy-efficient windows help you reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint on the world whether that is with double glazing, triple glazing, secondary glazing, or just utilising heavier curtains.

What Are the Benefits of Double-Glazed Windows?

  • A More Comfortable Home: Double-glazing helps in reducing heat loss through windows. This means that there are fewer cold spots and draughts in your home.
  • Peace and Quiet: In addition to keeping heat and cold in while keeping unwanted weather out, double-glazed windows help in insulating your home against the noise that is outside.
  • Reduced Condensation: Double-glazed windows work to reduce the buildup of condensation on the inside of your windows.
  • Stronger Security: Because there are essentially two or more panes within the window, this makes the window harder to break and offers a greater resistance against

How Do Double-Glazed Windows Work?

Double-glazed windows contain two pieces of glass with a gap in between. This creates a barrier that holds heat inside. Sometimes this gap can be filled with gas. Triple-glazed windows are comprised of three sheets of glass, although it is argued that they are no better than windows that are double glazed.

Energy-Efficient Materials

Windows that are energy efficient, such as double-glazed windows, come in a wide range of materials and styles. Performance varies on how well each window can prevent heat from entering through, how little air leaks in and out of the window, and how much sunlight can travel through the glass.

The most energy-efficient glass for double glazing is Low-E or low emissivity. This glass contains a coating of metal oxide that is invisible. This coating lets light in but reduces the amount of heat that can get out. Double-glazed windows may utilise gases such as krypton, xenon, or argon between the glass panes for added energy efficiency.

Window frames are available in all types of energy ratings.

  • Wooden frames often make a lower impact environmentally but do require some maintenance.
  • UPVC frames are known to be long lasting and can be recycled.
  • Steel or aluminium frames are long-lasting and slim. They can also be recycled.
  • Composite-built frames have an inner frame usually covered with plastic or aluminium. This makes them weatherproof and reduces the need for maintenance.

Double-Glazed: Right for Your Home

It’s easy to see why double-glazed windows are growing as the preferred choice of window for Australia’s residents. Strong enough to withstand the harsh weather conditions Australia has to offer, double-glazed windows in Melbourne are all but required in Australian homes.

Double-glazed windows are a must-have for better in-home insulation, to keep unwanted weather conditions outside of the home, and for better security. Double-glazed windows are the right choice for energy-efficient and environmentally friendly homes and can even be enhanced with natural gases and materials for all around better insulation. If you’ve been thinking about double-glazed windows for your home, don’t hesitate. Contact a professional today!

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