Have You Noticed Anything Wrong with Your Roof Lately

The roof over our heads keeps us warm and away from the weather. It does an admirable job of keeping out rain, snow, harsh sun, and wind. Like everything, however, a roof will become worn out over time. Exposure to the elements in all their glory will eventually cause damage and other problems.

Do You Hear the Pitter-Patter of Rain?

If you are hearing raindrops hit your ceiling whenever it’s wet outside, this could be a sign that you have a roofing problem. In fact, many tenants and homeowners find out this way that their roof has sprung a leak and is allowing rain water to enter the roof space. Rather than neglect it, local roofers in Halifax can provide assistance and fix the problem.

As a roof is damaged, tiles become dislodged and move, and small cracks become larger holes. When rain enters a roof, any of the following can happen if the leak is not repaired in a timely fashion:

  • Water damage to the insulation
  • Damage to electrical wiring, potentially causing a roof fire or short circuit
  • Damage to wooden battens in the roof, causing them to become weakened, and resulting in an environment where mould can grow
  • Dark circles that appear on the ceiling where black mould is growing

Having Your Roof Fixed

Whether you notice a missing tile, a hole, or the sound of rain hitting the ceiling, it’s never a good idea to leave the problem for too long before calling in a local roofer.

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