How Are You Keeping Warm This Winter

When you use coal prudently, you can save a great deal of money and feel warmer and cosier. Coal is a fossil fuel that developed from plants that existed millions of years ago. When the plants died and fell into swampy waters, they were eventually buried in the soil. Over time, the plants were transformed into coal from the pressure created by rocks.

Coal That Is Sold in the UK

Coal merchants in Chelmsford place a great value on this fossil fuel as it is used for open fires, boilers, and multi stoves. The product comes prepackaged in 25-kilogram bags. Delivery can be scheduled, if required, as well.

Facts about Coal

Below are some facts about coal that are worth noting:

  • Coal is found in many locations worldwide including Northern England, Wales, and Scotland.
  • Coal is burned for producing steam and heating water. When this is done, the fossil fuel is converted to electricity by turbine generation.
  • The product is considered relatively cheap.
  • Coal offers continuous energy and can be manufactured as a low-carbon product using different scrubbers.

Where Coal Is Often Used

Coal is sold along with various smokeless fuels. All these fuels are used in AGAs. Using coal or a smokeless fuel in an AGA is an efficient way to cook or create heat. The AGA works by continually transferring heat from the core of the device to a hot plate or oven. Therefore, it is not surprising that coal and smokeless fuels continue to attract the interest of people who wish to save on energy use. See how you can save by using smokeless fuels or coal today.

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