How Is Sandblasting Done

One of the most common forms of abrasive blasting is known as sandblasting. Abrasive blasting is an industrial process that is used for cleaning surfaces and removing contaminants and other substances, such as hardened dirt or grime, from the surfaces. This form of abrasive blasting isn’t just used to remove surface contaminants; it can also be used for shaping any kind of particular surface and smoothing it out for further work. A number of different variants of the process are available, most of which involve using a different type of media. Some are designed to be highly abrasive, and can even change the dimensions of the surface, while others are milder and are used for simpler work.

Sandblasting is one of the most abrasive forms of blasting available. Sandblasting can be used in a number of applications, ranging from engraving words on a solid stone slab or any other firm surface to cleaning a particular surface before repainting it. Before you call any company for sandblasting, it’s important you get a basic idea about how the process is completed. The following paragraphs provide complete details about how sandblasting is carried out.

Taking Measurements

When you first call a local company for sandblasting in Perth, they will first need to analyse the surface to be blasted and determine the surface area that needs to be covered. For this step, the company will send over a representative to first measure the surface area to be covered. This is an important step, as the measurements will determine how much the abrasive blasting procedure will cost you. Sandblasting is also done in order to refurbish entire buildings, so the costs are likely to rise depending upon the area to be covered. Another common application for sandblasting is cleaning the hulls of boats, as well as concrete, brick, and stone work. Since most of the applications are generally restricted to the industrial sector, it’s important you first get a quote from several companies in your city.

The Process

The actual process of sandblasting is done by directing a very fine stream of sand particles at the surface and then “blasting” the surface at very high pressure units. A powerful compressor is used in order to release the sand at extremely high pressures, which allows the surface to be cleaned. Since sand particles are extremely fine in nature, the surface will be cleaned of all types of contaminants. In some cases, the sandblasting process will have to be performed several times in order to completely clean the surface and get rid it of all contaminants. These are a few things you should know about the sandblasting process.

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