How to Find a Qualified Electrical Contractor

There are many reasons why as a homeowner, you may need to hire an electrical contractor. They can include the following reasons:

  • Update electrical wiring
  • Add electrical wiring for an attic conversion
  • Inspect the wiring when buying a new home
  • Perform PAT testing for landlords

To make sure you are getting the best service, you need to hire a qualified electrical contractor. There are several ways to make sure you’re hiring someone who is qualified.

Ask about Licensure

A qualified electrical contractor will be licensed to work on residential or commercial properties. Ask about their licensure to make sure they are qualified to work in your area. At minimum, to work as Chesterfield electricians, the technician needs the following certifications:

  • Level 3 NVQ diploma in electrical maintenance
  • Level 3 NVQ diploma in building and structures
  • Level 3 diploma in building and structures as an apprentice

Check with Trade Associations

Many of the contractors in the UK belong to the Electrical Contractors’ Association, or ECA. This association represents the interests of those involved in electrotechnical and engineering services, so ask the contractor if they are a member of the group. Being a member of a trade association usually shows commitment to their profession.

Double-check Their Insurance

An electrical contractor should have insurance in case they are injured on the job or they damage your property. If they are not insured, then you need to reconsider hiring that contractor.

Taking the time to research anyone you are considering hiring as an electrical contractor can prevent you from losing your home if the electrical work on your project is not done correctly.

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