Lift Engineers Ensure That Lifts Meet Compliance Requirements

In the UK, installers of lifts must comply with the 1997 Lift Regulations as amended by the Supply of Machinery Regulations 2008. Under these Regulations, lifts that travel at speeds over 0.15 metres per second must be safe operationally for regular use. This means that lifts must meet the associated health and safety prerequisites in their construction, installation, and design.

Defining a Lift

Therefore, companies such as RJ Lift Services must ensure that these requirements are met whether they are working on the lifts for commercial establishments or factories. Under the Lifts Regulations, a lift is an appliance that features a car that moves along a fixed course inclined at an angle of over 15 degrees. This mode of transport is designed for carrying individuals, goods and people, and goods.

Required Safety Components

Regulations state that safety components used on a lift include the following:

  • Hardware for locking the landing doors
  • Hardware that keeps the car of the lift from moving upwards or forwards
  • Devices that restrict over-speeding
  • Energy accumulating and energy dissipating buffers
  • Safety devices fixed to jacks of hydraulically powered circuits that are meant to stop falls
  • Safety switches that feature electronic parts

Lift Servicing and Maintenance

As you can see, a lift has a number of features that must be included in its design. All these components are added to ensure the safety and performance of a lift. You can learn more about the servicing of lifts when you visit such sites as

An Efficient Service Approach

It is important to partner with a lift services company such as RJ Lift Services as doing so will make it possible for you to maintain your lifts at an affordable price whilst enjoying enhanced safety. By using a company that offers an efficient service approach, you can maintain a preventative maintenance schedule, thus reducing risk and adding to your company’s overall safety.

Quality Refurbishments

The company that you use should provide the latest in equipment to ensure that your lifts are upgraded per the current legal requirements. Therefore, the same company that offers maintenance should also feature lift refurbishment services. Whether your lift is small or large, a quality upgrade can be made using the best parts at competitive prices.

Who to Seek in a Lift Servicing Company

When a refurbishment is made, most companies realise enhanced dependability, added safety, and increased energy efficiency. Therefore, when you have a lift maintained or upgraded, the company with which you work should keep you fully apprised of the work’s progress. As a result, they should invest heavily in operational management. They should also be well-versed in the current legislation so that you can obtain a full understanding of what needs to be done in order to meet regulations.

In addition, it is important to choose a company with a 24-hour callout. That way, you can reach them whenever you need them. Your lift service is crucial to your company’s or manufacturing plant’s success. Therefore, your choice of a lift service provider cannot be lightly considered. Make sure that you choose a company that is fully devoted to providing the best services possible.

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