Make Room for More: Room Extension Ideas

When a room extension is considered, it may be due to a crowded house or a growing family. Many times, elderly family members need to move in for better care options. When you first buy a house, it may not be the largest one on the market. Many people increase the size of their home as they begin to have children. You may not have the budget for something bigger, or you may simply love the home you are in. In these scenarios, a room extension can be the best choice.


When you have kids, you may end up with more boys than girls, or vice versa. Whatever the mix it, you may not have a good room sharing situation. You may have two girls that are ten years apart, with a boy in between. It may not be ideal for anyone to share a room with the age and gender differences. You can add on an entire room to part of your home to accommodate another child. Perhaps you simply need more pace for the kids to play or study. An extension can be added to use as a game room or kid’s study area. Affordable home extensions in Derby can be found easily.

Family Members

You may also have a family member living with you long-term. Many elderly parents move in when they begin to need more help with their daily tasks. They may have special needs that make it difficult for them to use other rooms. They often end up in a large space with no privacy because of this. They may need to be on the first floor, for example. They may also need handicap accessories in the bathroom. Many people add a bathroom for this purpose. Think about your unique needs before designing your new space.

  • Ground floor room
  • Handicap bathroom
  • Privacy

Adding a room can be big undertaking; however, it helps immensely once it is done. As kids grow, they often need more space to move around. You may need to split kids up as they get older. Sharing a room is not always a viable option. A game room can add more play space, as well. Elderly family members may also have a few special needs that cannot be bed in the current rooms or bathrooms. A room extension can solve many issues.



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