Modern Cost-Effective Glass Ideas to Brighten Up your Home

If your home is contemporary or modern style, there are many ways you can add a touch of elegance and style, and glass is the ideal material. The timeless and clean look of glass can be utilised in both the kitchen and bathroom, and with bespoke creations, your balustrade can also be made from seamless glass. While home improvements can be expensive, the majority of the cost is actually labour, and with online suppliers of made to measure glass products that come in easy to assemble kits, one can have quality fittings at affordable prices.

Tailor Made Glass Balustrades

With a choice of frameless or semi framed, glass balustrades can be ordered online to your exact measurements, and the kits come with all the fixtures and fittings, with the glass panels cut to precise measurements. This means a considerable saving when compared to having the product installed, and all you need is a tool kit and a little common sense. If a homeowner wanted a made to measure glass balustrade in Perth, for example, there is an established supplier that can tailor the unit to your specifications, and by fitting the balustrade yourself, you can expect major savings.

Shower Screens & Splashbacks

Your bathroom can certainly benefit from customised glass solutions with matching shower screens and splashbacks, and with a wide range of glass finishes, there will be a unique combination that is made for your interior. It matters not the shape or indeed size of your bathroom, as bespoke creations can be tailored to fit perfectly, and whether you prefer a corner shower unit or a double door walk in, the ideal design can be crafted to produce the perfect addition to any modern bathroom.

Balconies and Fencing

Most balconies require screening for safety reasons, and with glass, your view is not interrupted when seated, allowing you to admire the view at all times. Frameless solutions make for a clean, sleek look, and as far as maintenance goes, it is a thing of the past with modern glazed solutions. Flush fittings and a choice of glass patterns allow you to create a unique balcony screen and as you are fitting yourself, the cost is very reasonable.

Pool Protection

If you have a pool in the garden, it is essential to have secure fencing to keep children and pets out, and there’s no better material than glass, as it allows you to see inside of the pool area from any vantage point. Made to measure solutions allow you to decide exactly where the gate will be, and with no maintenance, the pool area will always look fresh and clean. If you would like to know more about the innovative use of glass in the home, there are specialist companies who produce glass solutions for a range of interior and exterior environments, and an online search is the easiest way to make contact.

Glass makes for an ideal material to use in the home as it is both safe and easy to keep clean, and for the modern look, glass goes with just about anything.


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