Preparing to move home? Make it All Go Much Better with Five Little Tips!

When people change homes it is not really something that they actually enjoy doing, and most of you out there can testify to how stressful an activity, it can be. But with a little bit of wisdom and planning it can make the whole experience a lot easier on the senses. By simply carrying out a number of jobs before moving, it will help to ensure the move to your new home is a lot more rewarding and stress free. Check out these four tips:

  1. Number one, get together all of the tools that you will require, such as lots of boxes that will stack together neatly. Start with a small amount of big boxes, then double that of medium sized boxes, that can be put on top of the big boxes, and then a large number of smaller boxes. Some professional removal companies in Cambridgeshire,will provide you with strong boxes that have been specially made for moving.
  1. Smaller boxes are helpful for heavier items, and makes sure that there’s no overloading a box, and make it too heavy to move. Grab a few more smaller boxes than you think you need, as your home may just have a lot more belongings than you can imagine! Good tape, packing paper, and a marker or two are all essentials.
  1. People have found it very useful to jot down the contents of each box as you pack and use either a number or letter code for each box and room. This makes sure that finding things at the new home will be that much easier. And don’t be shy with the tape! Who wants them opening and spilling out the contents everywhere during a move?!
  1. Go room to room and packing is the easiest way to move. This way, you will ensure that all items will stay together. When you’re filing boxes, make sure that all of the space inside of them is used efficiently, and if needs be, that boxes are padded with plenty of paper inside, to make sure that there will be no breakages.
  1. Labelling is extremely important during packing, so ensure that all of the labels are clearly written out and as descriptive as possible. If using only the word “Kitchen” it is not really very helpful, and even though it tells you where the contents must go, it doesn’t tell you what may be inside the box. “Kitchen – cutlery and glasses” or “Kitchen – best wine glasses: fragile” is the way to go, and it will also help you to load up the truck much more safely, and unload it carefully at your new home. Also guarantee that EVERY box with breakables inside is clearly labelled “fragile,” and it’s better to put them aside for loading last.

And there you have it! The above simple tips will ensure that your move goes real smooth!

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