Property Perimeter Solutions For the Modern Home

If you have recently purchased – or built – your dream home, perimeter fencing will be one concern, and when looking at suitable fencing, one needs a combination of both security and seclusion. If you lack inspiration on fencing design, a Google image search will certainly give you some ideas, or you could call up your local fencing contractor and ask him to pop round, either way, there are many designs that can incorporate real timber, or a composite material, which never needs maintaining.

Maintenance Free Fencing

Designing any home should focus on maintenance free solutions, and with slat fencing that is tailored to fit your property, you have the perfect balance between visibility and privacy. There are three main slat sizes, which are:

  • 38mm x 19mm
  • 68mm x 19mm
  • 100mm x 19mm

Of course, the gap between the slats is totally down to you, which means you can create the perfect combination.

Aluminium Slats

If you want a range of finishes that are completely maintenance free and weatherproof, look no further than powder coated aluminium. This gives you a timber grain finish with zero maintenance, and the supplier would have a team of expert technicians and will supply the posts – if needed – and all fixtures and fittings. A comprehensive fencing solution can be obtained from sourcing the right contractor, and once the project is complete, you will have no more fencing issues. You might be needing Mandurah fencing contractors at some point, and an online search will help you locate one.

Installed or DIY – Your Choice

The supplier would be happy to carry out the installation, or if you’d prefer, he would manufacture to your specifications and leave the installation to the client, which will save you some money. Full instructions are given and any handyman would have no problems fitting the fencing, which could be handled in a single day, and should you require some extra posts, they can supply these also.

Suitable Gating

Any fencing would not be complete without suitable access points, and these can be factored into the design at the very outset and can be of any design or style. Most people prefer matching gating, although a contrast does add some depth to the property, and by discussing your options with the supplier, you will be in a position to make an informed decision.

Boost your Free Time

If you never have to repaint or treat your fencing, that means more quality time with the family, and while some people actually enjoy this time consuming task, there are much better things one can do with one’s free time than rubbing down and painting fence panels. Whatever your personal preferences regarding fencing, talk to the experts and they can suggest a suitable design that ticks all the boxes.

You might want to incorporate the terrace and the pool in the design, and by dealing with an experienced fencing contractor, you will have the benefit of their many years of hands-on experience in designing and installing domestic fencing.


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