Relining – The Perfect Solution for Old Drains

There are many older properties in the UK that have drains over a century old, and while they might have been the best available at the time, eventually they will begin to break down. This can cause serious blockages, and repairing a breached pipe wall can be a tricky process and might involve significant earth removal in order to reach the damaged section. If repairs are frequent, it might be an idea to have new drains installed, which would be rather expensive, yet modern technology allows you to reline the entire system, which will give you a smooth new inner surface and a strong construction.

How Does it Work?

The relining process is an innovative way to completely reline the drains, and the first step is to thoroughly clean the interior surface with pressurised water, which prepares the surface for the uPVC liner. The liner is fed into the drain and put into position using an inflatable air bag, and once the uPVC liner is cured, it provides a clean and smooth pipe finish, which greatly aids drainage. This treatment can effectively double the life of the drainage system, and it is only a fraction of the cost of laying new drains.

CCTV Inspection Service

This is the modern way to inspect the drainage pipes, and it allows the technician to get a close up view of the problem. If, for example the drainage system has seen better days, a CCTV inspection might reveal further damage, giving the homeowner the choice of perhaps relining to avoid further blockages. This enables you to really inspect the entire system and make the necessary repairs or replacements, and with the experts on hand, you can be sure of the most cost-effective solution. If, for example, you were looking for emergency drain unblocking in Deal, there is a local company that specialises in drain relining, and after a survey, the engineers would be able to determine whether or not this treatment is possible.

Emergency Drain Blockages

Of course, should the worst happen and your drains are blocked, you will need to call in a local contractor who has an emergency call out service. If you don’t know of such a company, an online search will bring up a list of potential companies, and if you spend some time browsing, you will likely find one that doesn’t operate with a call out charge, saving you some money. The company would no doubt inspect the drains using CCTV technology, and this would be the time to discuss relining, which is definitely a cost-effective way to prevent further blockages, as the shiny uPVC liner is not likely to facilitate a blockage of any sort.

UPVC Drain Lining

The lining itself is fed into the drain and when it is in place, an inflatable tube is inserted, which forces the uPVC lining against the existing inner surface. The pipe surface would be thoroughly cleaned with a high pressure water jet prior to this, which gives the liner something to adhere to, and after a few hours, the uPVC is cured and will remain firmly in place.

Relining your drains will likely eliminate bad smells, and you will have many years of trouble free use at a fraction of the cost of replacing the drains.

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