Safety Comes First When Using Scaffolding

Scaffolding is designed to keep workers safe when they are working at certain heights. However, before scaffolding is erected, a few things must occur first.

Preparing a Site

To ensure that the right scaffolding is used, the following steps must be taken:

  • The site must be thoroughly surveyed
  • The scaffolding company will determine access for the site
  • The length of time that the scaffolding will be used will be noted

Make sure the scaffolding contractor you use has employer’s liability and full public insurance cover. Once you have discussed your scaffolding needs with the business, you can proceed with any building work with more confidence.

Types of Scaffolding

It also helps to have a basic knowledge of the types of scaffolding. For example, an affordable scaffolding company in Leeds can provide the following types of structures:

  • Trestle scaffolding provides a working platform that is supported by ladders or tripods. This type of scaffold normally is used at a height of up to five Scaffolds of this type are used for indoor work such as painting.
  • Steel scaffolding is both simple to erect and dismantle. This type of scaffolding, which is fire-resistant, is an exceptional safety choice.
  • Suspended scaffolding is primarily used for repair work or painting. The working platform is suspended from a roof with chains so that it can be lowered or lifted.
  • Single scaffolding is normally used by bricklayers.
  • Double scaffolding is often recommended for stone masonry jobs.

As you can see, scaffolding is designed for various kinds of work. Therefore, you can find just the right scaffolding for your project’s safety and working requirements.


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