The Benefits of an Artificial Lawn

Just because a lawn is artificial does not mean that it looks artificial. Because of innovations in technology, artificial grass looks the same as the real thing. However, it does not come with the added upkeep of regular grass. Therefore, it is regularly installed as lawns for both homes and businesses.

A Weather-Resistant Carpet

You can find many benefits from adding an artificial lawn to your property, especially in the UK where it rains a good deal. The grass can give you many years of performance and resist the effects of the weather well. In London, most grasses grow on a clay substrate and become sodden and muddy when it rains. You can avoid this problem when you opt for a luxurious lawn that is made with artificial, yet natural-looking, fibres.

Some of the Benefits

According to artificial grass suppliers in Hertfordshire, property owners who install artificial lawns experience the following benefits:

  • Artificial lawns do not have to be mowed or watered as real lawns do.
  • The lawns stay green, regardless of the season.
  • Cost savings are incurred for water or the operational use of a mower.
  • Fertilisers or weed killers are not required.
  • Drainage is excellent – no pooling or puddles.
  • Sports can be played without any resulting damage.
  • The look of the lawn always appears well manicured.

Whilst the up-front cost for installation can be higher, the savings that you realise make an artificial grass installation a good investment. You also will not smell the scent of grass after it has been cut. However, when you look at the enhanced kerb appeal that the grass provides, you will ultimately be satisfied with the product.


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