The Dangers of Hydrogen Embrittlement

When blackening metal, one real problem that you may face is the process of hydrogen embrittlement, a situation caused when hydrogen atoms or molecules diffuse into the surface of your metal. This will in turn compromise the structural integrity of the metal and cause it to weaken over time. This process is generally known to also cause visible cracks along the surface of the metal after the blackening process. Hydrogen atoms may become trapped without the room necessary to escape; however, the right professionals not only know how to help you handle this type of situation but also how to avoid it in the first place.

Hydrogen embrittlement is a serious problem and the hardness of the metal has been found to be a major contributing factor in regards to this unfortunate outcome. Stronger and harder materials are more likely to fail and experience damage from this problem compared to weaker, softer metal and it is found that you have a much lower chance of experiencing it if the metal is less than 35 HRC. If it is any more than 40 HRC, you are much more likely to find your project delayed while you procure more metal and have the process performed all over again.


Blackfast is one example of a company dedicated to helping you handle all of your blackening needs without the risk of this costly and time-consuming frustration that may eat away at your budget. The professionals who work around the clock to develop metal blacking solutions that virtually eliminate the risk of this problem take pride in their work and help you receive peace of mind each and every time that you find yourself with the need for blackening. There is now a new and unique chemical option that will blacken the metal by altering the chemical composition of the metal’s surface rather than adding a layer of new material, effectively giving you the best value for your money from the start.

Peace of Mind

No matter if you currently only carry out a few larger projects a year or take on hundreds, you cannot afford to miss out on the anti-corrosive benefits of blackening your metal surfaces. Nearly any piece of industrial metal will stand up to the process and the new, improved method will help you to ensure that this is the case without leaving you with delays or additional costs. A sudden failure in the middle of a project may even cause damage to surrounding gears and machinery parts, leaving you with expenses better left avoided altogether by using a new method.

The men and women who offer this service understand that you care about quality and offer this without exception. By the time that you complete your work and carry onto the next project, you will have saved thousands.

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