The Signs That You Have a Drain Problem

All of the water used in your house eventually drains into a single sewer main. That single drainage pipe will go either to your municipal water treatment facility or to a septic tank. If you have a drainage problem and you’re on the municipal water supply, you will likely need to have that drain rooted or possibly replaced. If you are having a septic tank issue, it could still be a drainage issue, but that issue often takes a little more work to correct.

Septic Tank Issues

Drainage problems with your septic tank can occur in the pipe entering your septic tank from your house or in the pipe exiting. Only St Werburghs drain clearance experts will be able to provide you with the service you need.

  • Water in your septic tank is piped out of the septic tank and enters a drainage field.
  • In the drainage field, it is filtered and composted until it is safe for your yard as a whole.
  • If you are having a septic drainage problem, it might be a problem with your drain field. You need an expert to help you fix this problem.

Expert Help

The type of expert help you can get for your septic tank issues depends on the type of issue you are having. If it is a problem with your in-house drainage, you might need the pipes rooted. If it’s a drain field problem, the drain field will likely need to be dug up. The soil and other materials that make up the drain field might need to be replaced or treated as well. There are other problems that could occur that you need to have addressed as soon as possible.


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