Timber Roofing Work Keeps Homeowners Safe

It never hurts to make sure that the truss for your roof is extra safe. If you know a roofer that features timber roofing work, you can customise your home’s truss so it is secure and works well for your particular needs.

Therefore, familiarise yourself with the various truss roof styles to see if you need to upgrade your own truss. For example, some homeowners have their flat roof truss system converted to a cathedral type of upgrade. You can go over the various truss styles with Bognor Regis roofers.

Examples of Truss Styles

When a roofing company offers timber roofing work, it can stylise your truss so it better meets your requirements with respect to comfort, safety, and energy use. For example, some of the well-known styles include the following:

  • A fan truss is simply designed, and is constructed with steel. The top chords for the system are divided into smaller lengths, permitting the build to gain purlin support.
  • North light roof trusses are used for large spans. This type of method is an economical support. People like the truss system, as it allows them to ventilate their homes more easily.
  • Quad trusses are for large spans, including such buildings as auditoriums.
  • Scissor trusses are normally seen in cathedrals. The truss does not require bearing walls or beams. However, this type of truss does not allow for much, if any, insulation, which can negatively affect energy consumption.

Contact a Roofer Today

The above truss systems are just a sampling. Talk to a roofer today about converting your building’s or home’s truss before you make a roofing selection.


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