What exactly is a Hiab Crane and How Does One Work

Nearly everyone has seen heavy duty, mobile cranes at some place or the other, at building sites, down at the harbour or someplace else where some kind of heavy lifting is deemed necessary.

The Hiab cranes are famous all around the planet, and are one of the most popular brand names for managing heavy loads. However, for the moment, let’s have a look at what the story is behind them and how they came to be known as ‘Hiab’, and why they are so popular for crane hire in Manchester, nowadays.

From Skis to Cranes

Back over 70 years ago and just prior to the end of World War 2:

  • In Sweden, in 1944, lived a fellow by the name of Eric Sundin, whose profession was in making skis.
  • Mr Sundin was also something of an inventor.
  • He was blessed with a fertile imagination, and he had an interest in the future of hydraulics, and so went on to found how to make use of a truck’s engine could power up loader cranes via the use of hydraulics.
  • He created a hydraulic crane to lift up and transport heavy wood he was in need of for his ski business.
  • In that very same year, 1944, he formed a company called Hydrauliska Industri AB (Hiab), which became more prosperous than his ski manufacturing business, and the Hiab was born.
  • Unbelievably, from such a modest background, which with time and modifications since 1944, has made sales of no less than half a million loader cranes to happy customers in over 120 countries.
  • They are now the most favoured kind of articulated truck cranes and equipment in Manchester, and look to stay so.

What Can a Hiab Do For You?

A Hiab crane truck can lift 5,600 kg at a height of 4 metres, and 1,300 kg at a height of 15 metres, allowing it to be a duty friendly all-rounder.

Hiab cranes are famous for their speed, precision and trustworthiness and is why they are the number one world leader in mobile loader cranes. Durable and diligent, here’s some of what a Hiab can handle with ease:

  • Building equipment
  • Compactors
  • Earthmoving machinery
  • Elevated work platforms
  • Forklift Trucks
  • Generators
  • Mobile toilets and washrooms
  • Pumps
  • Shipping containers
  • Shoring boxes
  • Sweepers
  • Farming Machinery and Tractors

Why the Popularity?

That’s a no-brainer:

  • They have been designed, engineered and manufactured to the best standards to work harder and last longer than any of their rivals.
  • Every Hiab crane owner expects long term devotion, working, dependable and top value.
  • With a range of different models to choose from, there’s a Hiab out there for every job.
  • Truck crane models differ in capacities from 0.8 up to 80 tonne metres with a long reach out to 25 metres.
  • The Hiab’s impressive hydraulic system provides unique control of the crane, and high tech advanced ergonomic design guarantee operation.

Get the future, get a Hiab!

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