When Your Drains Need Some Care and Attention

Drains serve a very important function in our communities: they transport wastewater away from a premises and into the main drainage system for treatment. In this context, they are vital to the ongoing health of every society and without them, we would be back where we were with human waste and water piling up and getting everybody sick.

When Drains Get Blocked

Unfortunately, sometimes drains can become blocked, either partially or fully. This is potentially a real health hazard unless it is evaluated and repaired by an expert drain clearance company in Solihull.

Blocked drains can become a serious issue when the water and organic waste backs up and spills out into the home or business premises. This is when it can become a serious environmental concern as viruses and bacteria can infect both humans and animals. To avoid this, here are a few signs that you may need to call out someone to clear your drains:

  • Water drains more and more slowly down sinks over time, indicating a partial blockage that will eventually cause further problems if neglected.
  • You hear gurgling noises as water drains down sinkholes, indicating a partial blockage.
  • Water and organic waste begins to back up into the premises, indicating a full blockage that needs immediate attention.

What Does a Drain Clearance Company Do?

Drains are vital to the way that we live and when they are blocked, they need fixing. In some cases, tree roots have even damaged main drain lines! In this sense, a drain services company needs to be able to address a range of domestic, commercial, and industrial drain problems.

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