Your Guide to Vehicle Access Gates

Automatic driveway gates are no longer only found in stately homes and large mansions. The technology has become that affordable that there is no reason not to have an automatic gate to facilitate easy access to and from your driveway.

If you’re curious to find out more, here we’ll give you an overview of the installation and maintenance process to ensure that you can enjoy their benefits for years to come.

Why Are They Useful?

The benefits are numerous, even if you’re not a regular car user. Some of these benefits include;

  • Increased security by preventing access from unauthorised vehicles and pedestrians. This will help keep intruders off your property when you’re not home who have no reason to be there.
  • Increased safety of your homes occupants including pets and children. A gate that cannot easily be opened by pushing it will assist in keeping your loved ones’ safe.
  • A more attractive home. Gates can be installed in a number of different styles meaning you can easily improve the aesthetic appearance of your property.
  • The potential for increasing property value. An automatic access gate is high on the list for most buyers which may make your home easier to sell.

How Do They work?

The physical gate itself is installed like any other. Large sturdy posts are utilised to provide a secure foundation and act as a mounting point for the hinges.

The secret to their motorised operation is through a power supply that is attached to the gates opening mechanism. This system provides functionality either via the use of a radar or IR based transponder of through the use of a key fob or key code presented to a panel.

The choice in how the gate opens is up to you. If you prefer, you won’t even have to leave your vehicle.

Choosing Your Gate

The first step is deciding on the material. Aluminium is the most common choice for access gates due to its low weight, high strength and durability.

Aluminium can also be easily painted via powder coating giving you an endless choice of colours.

The next step is to choose your design. There will be several off the shelf options as well as the option to install something bespoke and designed to your needs. If you’re searching for inspiration, have a look at a few previous examples that have been installed.

The third step is sizing. This will usually be dictated by the width of the opening but you do have the option for a taller gate as well as gates that feature two separate opening leaf’s as well as just one.

Choosing the opening direction is the final step. Your choices are either inwards or outwards.


A set of well installed gates will remain operational for years but there are ways to keep them working optimally;

  • Lubricate the hinges and all moving parts on a monthly basis
  • Wipe down the finish of the gates to prevent an excessive build up of dirt and grime

What Next?

All that is left is to get in touch with a supplier. There are several companies providing aluminium gates in Perth so you won’t be short of options. Each will likely have a showroom so be sure to visit and speak to a member of staff.

Electrically operated access gates are a welcome addition to anyone’s life so make your daily routine more convenient by installing a set.

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